The Project Management Office on your Microsoft 365 Cloud 

pmo365 Solution Guide

Tired of managing multiple projects in different data 'nooks', with no real-time visibility, control or collaboration across departments? Does your organisation struggle with the challenge of managing tasks, resources, risks, issues, approvals, payments, costs, budget reviews, and forecasting?

Our pmo365 Solution Guide looks at the challenges of managing multiple projects in today's complex business environment, and how pmo365 can help you overcome common portfolio project challenges. 

Download the pmo365 solution guide and discover:

  • How pmo365 prevents logistical problems from taking priority over strategic goals by providing visibility and control across enterprise portfolios
  • How pmo365 works in the Microsoft Power Platform environment
  • How the pmo365 solution’s library of cloud-native Apps, Flows, Reports, Dashboards and Connectors can help PMOs conquer common portfolio management challenges
  • How the rich solution features help PMOs build a highly strategic and efficient work environment

Also included is a detailed look at the pmo365 Library - a full list of the library’s Apps, Flows and Reports.

pmo365 guide - final